Why choose MB Fire Sprinklers?

MB Fire Sprinklers are trained and qualified Installers of residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems. Certificated for connecting to mains water systems. Check our Professional Fire Safety Qualifications by clicking on the Gold icons below:

Professional Installers of residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems

Level 3 trained and qualified to install domestic residential sprinkler systems. To British Standard 9251:2014 Fire sprinkler systems for
domestic and residential
occupancies – Code of
. September 2017.

UKAS third party certified to install CPVC sprinkler systems

All of our installers and directors successfully passed the UKAS third party installers training provided, by Andy of IPS Flow Systems in January 2018.

Certified as recommended by bafsa

Certified to level 3 Automatic Fire Sprinklers for Domestic premises and trained for residential installations in September 2017.
Certified in Water Supply
Regulations (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Sprinklers, Pipe and fittings Assurance

We use Fire Sprinkler Pipe and fitting products, tested and approved to LPS 1260.

Institute of Fire Engineers Registrations

Customers can check IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory clinking on this icon that will take you to the IFE site. Type Bainbridge in the Surname box.

Benefits of sprinklers

Domestic fire sprinklers contain, control and often extinguish a fire automatically. When blended with automatic fire detection, sprinklers are the ultimate fire protection system.
June 2017 a spokesman for the Chief Fire Officer Association confirmed "no one has died in a residential property fitted with sprinklers in the UK".

Reduce risk of injury

Nobody in the UK has died following a fire at home, properly fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system and smoke alarm.

Fire safety legislation following Grenfell

In 2016 the Welsh Government legislated sprinkler installers must be qualified. Scotland are about to change their law requiring qualifications and it is likely following the Genfell enquiry, UK Government will also change fire safety legislation. MB Fire Sprinklers chose to invest in level 3 qualification at the Welsh NPTC college for best practice.

Invest in your families future!

Make sure your installation is carried out and commissioned by a qualified installer like MB Fire Sprinklers.

"The Wise Skipper"

"A good skipper secures the boat by dropping anchor.
A wise skipper has an automatic fire sprinkler system, protecting the family left at home". MB.

Statistically, no one has died in a UK home, properly fitted with sprinklers and fire detection, hence a great life safety home investment for all families

Its only a matter of time before having fire sprinkler protection is accepted in the same way smoke alarms are now.

How we can help!

Our teams have years of experience working in peoples homes installing systems. We install Automatic Fire Sprinklers and provide regular Maintenance.
Should one of our customers have a fire, triggering a sprinkler to operate, please let us know immediately so we can fully check the sprinkler system is in a state of readiness.

Video clip:

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Concealed fire sprinkler head

Concealed fire sprinkler head

None concealed fire sprinkler head

None concealed fire sprinkler head

Installation of pipework

Pipework connected to a concealed fire sprinkler head.

Installers of residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex.


Meet our Team

Each of our Directors have differing experience and specialism. Our unique team consist of sprinklers installers, fire risk assessors and site managers.

Nathan Coker

Operational Director

Nathan attended MPTC college in Port Talbot, Wales converting his extensive plumbing experience since 2000, into domestic sprinkler installation and maintenance.
Reportedly Nathan was the first Englishman to undertake and pass the course that is mandatory in Wales and may soon be in England too. Nathan passed the Water Regulations course at Carshalton college via Thames Water in 2012.

Installers of residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems

Nigel Coker

Resources and Quality Assurance Director

Nigel has been installing water systems into domestic and commercial premises for many years. Nigel was contracted to install all the McDonald's restaurants in the UK. Nigel quantifies projects and ensures the highest standards are maintained.


How to contact us?

We prefer you get in touch by email as this will speed-up our response and quotation. Please state your full name, what you require and share the full postal address. You can fill out the Contact Form or email us by clicking link below.



Once you have considered and accepted our quotation, please feel free to contact us by telephone with any queries.

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Email:  martin@mbfiresprinklers.uk

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